Camping tour at Mount Bromo Peak

Camping tour at Mount Bromo Peak

Camping tour at Mount Bromo Peak for Milky Way Photography

Camping tour at Mount Bromo Peak

Camping is one of our favorites during at summer pastimes and feels more impressed when We can shoot the Milky Way from Our campsite. If You also one of the people who have a hobby enjoy the Stargazing Photography from the highest peak, Here We present Camping tour at Mount Bromo Peak.

For newbies, Mount Bromo Camping can seem a bit overwhelming because You never try Mt Bromo Milky Way tour by camp on the high peak. But You can probably pack an overnight bag for a hotel stay in all of 5 minutes, You need more activities Although seems more different than staying in hotel, You will have much-impressed memories when your camping place supported with good and clear weather because the Milky Way, Sunrise and other landscape very easy to shoot, You just bring special Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography lens to create a perfect Stargazing picture.

To help you camping success (without the stress), I’ve completed the camp gears for Stargazing Photography that able make You stay relaxedly and comfortable :

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping Bag
  3.  Sleeping Pad / Matress
  4. Blanket / Sleeping Bag
  5. Firewood, Lighter and Gasoline
  6. Cooking Utensils / Cookware
  7. Snacks / Meals / Mineral Drinks
  8. Experience Porter to serve your camp

East Java Island tour package from Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo, Banyuwangi :

We also provided Mt Bromo Milky Way Photography by Camp service at other volcanoes like B-29 peak, Kumbolo Lake, Semeru Volcano, Papuma Peak, And another interesting trip around East Java Island, Indonesia.

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